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Partnership for Homeless Board of Directors

Philip Blumberg has volunteered as an associate member on the Board of Directors for the Community Partnership for the Homeless since 2000. In keeping with his personal beliefs, he works with the Partnership to provide resources, education and care, and to bring the promise and hope of a better life to Miami’s homeless. Since its creation in 1995, the Community Partnership for the Homeless has served Miami’s disadvantaged men, women and children by offering assistance and care opportunities to area homeless. The Community Partnership for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization and the private-sector partner of the Miami Dade County Homeless trust. The organization operates two Homeless Assistance Centers – The Chapman Center in downtown Miami and the South Miami-Dade Center in Homestead. A one percent sales tax provides a portion of the resources needed to cover the facilities’ capital needs, while private citizens, businesses and charitable organizations provide financial assistance to meet the remainder of the budget. The Community Partnership for the Homeless is a unique program that offers care on a three-phase continuum – temporary, primary and advanced care – that enables and motivates those it serves to return to mainstream society, hopeful and self-sufficient. The project accomplishes this by not only meeting the immediate physiological needs of food and shelter, but by also offering healthcare, childcare, case management and job training. The program’s success rate speaks volumes about its unique approach. In the past 11 years, more than 60 percent of the program’s nearly 64,000 entrants have moved off the streets and into successful and self-sufficient roles within the community thanks to the Partnership for the Homeless.