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Miami-Dade Climate Change Adaptation Task Force

As a member of Miami-Dade’s Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, Philip Blumberg worked with other concerned community leaders to develop sustainable initiatives, promote new, responsible attitudes toward the environment and prepare South Florida for the impending effects of global climate change. Miami-Dade County created the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force (CCATF) in 2003. The 32-member group is comprised of area opinion leaders including county and state officials, scientists, engineers, business executives, regional planners and other experts. Miami-Dade County was one of the first areas in the country to officially recognize global climate change as an important concern and take necessary steps toward planning for and preventing serious climate change issues. Because of its location at the tip of Florida, Miami is a primary target for Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico hurricanes, which some have speculated have become increasingly large and more threatening as a result of warming sea waters. This and other issues, such as rising seas and the intrusion of salt water on the county’s drinking water system are some of the topics the Climate Change Task Force addresses. The task force has also discussed a number of initiatives that would reduce greenhouse gases and attempt to reverse the effects of global warming. The “Climate Resilient Communities” campaign is the most recent community action effort implemented by the Miami-Dade Climate Change Adaptation Task Force.