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Blumberg Civic Memberships

Through his numerous civic memberships, Philip Blumberg has supported area advocacy groups and businesses and worked alongside some of Miami’s great leaders to positively impact and grow a culturally rich, thriving Miami community. Mr. Blumberg has demonstrated his commitment to helping underprivileged men, women and children of Miami-Dade County through his service on the boards of the WAGES, Florida Welfare Reform program and the Community Partnership for the Homeless. A firm believer in the importance of higher education and an advocate for Miami’s colleges, Mr. Blumberg has also served as a volunteer member on the University of Miami Board of Trustees and the Miami Dade Community College Foundation Board. Philip Blumberg is also the Chairman of the City of Miami’s Botanical Gardens Selection Committee, the Co-Chairman of the Olympic Soccer Organization Committee of South Florida, and a member of the city’s Blue Ribbon Task Force and Orange Bowl Committee. Following in his father’s footsteps as a civic leader and involved community member, Philip Blumberg has taken every opportunity to contribute his available time and resources into the community that he calls home. His personal goal is not to accumulate, but to achieve and help others achieve. “My personal philosophy is to set ambitious goals and bring people together for a common purpose,” says Philip Blumberg of his civic involvement and memberships.