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Center for International Environmental Law Donation

As a donor to the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL), Philip Blumberg is a strong advocate for realtors to follow environmentally responsible building and construction practices. In addition to his efforts to make properties owned by Blumberg Capital Partners more energy and cost efficient – by, for example, becoming an Energy Star partner and operating buildings to its guidelines, Philip Blumberg also intends to create and win support for pro-environment real estate operations by partnering with CIEL. CIEL is a nonprofit organization that works to promote more sustainable, healthier environmental practices to ensure the future of the planet as well as the human race. Through legal policy, advocacy, education, research and awareness, the organization works to encourage the responsible use of our planet and its limited resources. CEIL’s goals are to use legal systems to:

  • solve environmental problems and promote sustainable societies,
  • incorporate fundamental principles of ecology and justice into international law,
  • strengthen national environmental law systems and support public interest movements around the world, and
  • educate and train public-interest-minded environmental lawyers.

To accomplish these goals, CIEL works with the American University Washington College of Law to provide courses on international and comparative environmental law for future lawyers and environmental advocates. Encompassing more than 60 countries on six continents, CIEL’s major program areas include Chemicals, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Wildlife, Biotechnology, Trade and Sustainable Development, International Financial Institutions, Law and Communities, and Human Rights and the Environment.