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Blue Ribbon Task Force

City of Miami Blue Ribbon Task Force Member

The City of Miami Blue Ribbon Task force was created by executive order of Gov. Jeb Bush to evaluate and improve programs, activities and projects to ensure their compatibility with state and federal laws pertaining to Americans with developmental disabilities. More specifically, the goal of the BRTF is to improve quality of life of Floridians with disabilities, by focusing on initiatives for inclusive community living, employment and full integration in society. According to BRTF research, more than 240,000 Florida residents live with developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the number who go through the state’s education system are able to secure stable, competitive employment. Additional studies conducted by the BRTF discovered that many people with developmental disabilities are capable of integrated, independent living and have a strong desire to live, learn and work in their communities. The BRTF is committed to helping people with disabilities achieve these desires by making policy recommendations that go beyond the efforts of lawmakers and existing policy to create real, tangible change for the people of Florida. These recommendations include a coordinated system of support services, a transition plan, increased funding and a community service waiting list.